4.33 or 4.3.4 Broke Drop-Down Menu [fixed in 4.3.5]

Today I opened a project which was last modified on October 7 (with 4.3.2?) I was going to make a minor change near the bottom of the site. I was prompted by BSS to update which I did before making any website changes.

After restarting BSS and before editing the website, I previewed it only to find that my drop-down menu is now blank. Originally the drop-down was a white background with a dark font (image 1). Now it displays as a plain white box (image 2). The links will show up if I hover the correct location (image 3), but that is not very user friendly. I’ve tried the preview in multiple browsers all with the same result.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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The same thing happens on my iPhone. When I click the hamburger icon, the 'static' links show up, but the 'More' drop-down menu is a blank white box!

Any ideas? I am stuck right now, since I don’t want to make and publish any changes until this issue is resolved.

The first thing that comes to mind is that your CSS got changed. Check your settings in your CSS for the nav and make sure the text setting didn't get changed to white. That's what it looks like happened to me.

Thanks for offering that advice, Jo. Unfortunately I'm not seeing a text change in the CSS.

Luckily I have previous backups of all my BSS website projects on an external drive and in the cloud. But since I can't identify what caused the change, I don't dare open any projects for fear they will also become 'corrupted'. So, I'm stuck and can't update anything until the issue is fixed.

Sorry that you've run into problems! If possible, can you send us the bsdesign file you are working to our email address? It will help us a lot to investigate what might be happening.

Hi Martin,

My bsdesign file has been sent as requested. Despite this current issue, I think Bootstrap Studio is an excellent design platform.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

I have the same exact problem. Sent you a bug report as well as a link to my design.

And I also agree with Phil-D: Great product and also great support.


Thank you for sending your designs! The issue is caused by dropdown items incorrectly receiving the nav-link class. We will release a fix as soon as possible. Sorry for this bug!

We just released 4.3.5 and this bug should be resolved. Looking forward to your feedback.

Hi Martin,

Just updated Bootstrap Studio to 4.3.5 and opened a known good backup of the project. Everything is back to normal and working as expected.

Thank you so much for the quick resolution to the issue. Fabulous customer service!

Now all we need is a kudos button or rating system on this forum - I'd give you 5 stars!

Hi Martin,

unfortunately this did not solve the problem for me. I even reverted the .bsdesign to from Oct. 31st where it still worked and no change... Specifically: The Dropdown menu now opens and is readable, but the caret is gone...

Thanks, Christian

...aaand fixed in 4.3.6 :-) Thank You!