4.4.5 - Reclaming real estate space

When moving styles to be next to HTML - Screen real estate is not expanded.

enter image description here

Would it also be possible to break-out the HTML attributes, so I can have HTML on left, and HTML attributes on right?

Regards, Michael

This is also present in 4.4.7

Thanks for this suggestion! We will need a complete rewrite of the panels, but time is limited right now. Instead we can make this specific case better by hiding the empty container.

The main UX challenge is that once you merge all bottom tabs in a single column, it needs to be intuitive how to undo it. I am adding it to our todo.

Sounds great @Martin, perhaps a layout selector so you can go back to default, or save your existing (when working on more than one machine).

Then you can setup your panels, and share it across machines. And if you mess up the panels - Go back to default.

Regards, Michael