5.5.3 Copy CSS object into other project

Bootstrap-Studio 5.5.3

I open 2 projects “A” and “B” in BSS. Now i would like to copy a specific CSS object in a CSS-file from project “A” into a CSS-file of project “B”. This option does not exist today.

You can highlight the entire CSS class with your mouse, and then use ctrl-c > ctrl-v to copy and paste it into the second project’s CSS file.

That’s the only way I know of.

My guess is that this would be difficult to implement through the menu because if someone had numerous websites open at once, the number of menu options needed to include all the open projects (and their potential stylesheets) would become unwieldy.

If you are in Project A
step 1 select a css rule and copy to new Stylesheet
repeat step 1 till you have all the rules you want to be copied to project B before step 2
step 2 right click the new Stylesheet and copy to your project B

You can also do what Kuli suggests and instead of “copying” it to the other project, move the new css file to the other project. Then you can do whatever you want with them all right there at your finger tips within the other project and not have to clean up behind yourself with deleting those files in the original project.

I can only move a css file to a new folder not to another project

I stand corrected, thanks for noticing that Kuli.
Looks like copying it over will be the way to do it then.

In terms of speed, I think it’s quicker & easier to just highlight all the classes/rules in one project, and then do ctrl-c > ctrl-v in the CSS file of the new project

But whatever workflow works best for you is the one you use.

I would have to concur with @printninja on this one too. That’s typically what I do if I am grabbing classes for a different project or even from the default to my custom css file for that matter. I change between using the dots to duplicate a class and copying it and pasting it. Just depends on my mind flow of the day lol.

Having said all that, then the easiest way to do what you want to do is copying all the classes to your csutom css file that you want to move, and just move it, or … create your custom css file in you new project and then copy all the css manually you want from there and go to the other project and paste it into it’s custom css file.

Just depends on your own work flow. Lots of ideas right there between a few of us, take what you need and leave the rest and happy copying no matter how you decide to do it. :slight_smile:

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