A Custom Theme Builder

I know it would be a large addition, but with the ability to import new themes and that being, or seeming to be, the best way to change the coloring and general appearance of web site/app, it would be AMAZING if a visual theme builder was built into the application.

Something like what you see on these sites...

  • https://pikock.github.io/bootstrap-magic/app/index.html#!/editor
  • http://bootstrap-live-customizer.com/
  • http://bootswatchr.com/create#!

The standard customizer (http://getbootstrap.com/customize/) lacks a nice visual interface and the others are prone to JS page errors that break your build midway through or possibly disappearing altogether. Really, anything that would allow you to create and edit custom themes merely through changing the less variable values would be helpful to me.

Sorry if this is a duplicate request. I didn't see one, so I figured I would put it out there.

Either way - great application! Thank you. And impressive release schedule. Keep up the great work!

Hello and welcome to our forums!

We are planning to add customizability to the Bootstrap theme in the next releases once we have SASS support in place. But we are planning it more in line with the customizer on the Bootstap website, it won't be visual as the ones you linked.

But you could use these builders right now and import the resulting CSS as a custom theme in Bootstrap Studio. Does this work for you?

Sort of. My problem is that the list of tools I provided are all error prone. I had one encounter a JavaScript error while I was working on the theme and it prevented me from exporting the theme. It was a decent slice of time effectively thrown away.

This of course is not your (Bootstrap Studio) problem; your application works very well. For me, I was just hoping to get a tool that made building a custom theme a little nicer and faster... and reliable. I have been playing with the idea of making one myself, but we will see.

That said, I look forward to seeing what you do in the next releases. Thank you for the reply and consideration.

i am definitely in favor of a visual customizer like the one seen on http://bootstrap-live-customizer.com/ or http://bootswatchr.com/create#!

This would make an already solid tool a great one!


Hi guys, you can also use the tool that I have built for customizing and building themes for Bootstrap, https://bootstrap.build

@berman how is your app better than BSS? Please explain.

It's not better it's not a website builder at all it's a theme builder which is not the same. You then have to manually add all your content to the pages which is what BSS shines with. It is also a 100% online builder which I totally hate. I want it on my computer, not someone else's computer and not where the only time I can work is if I have an internet connection. Major cons to that system.

Having said all that, someone really needs to start monitoring these forums more regularly and deleting all these posts that advertise other people's/company's software. It's a very tacky and rude thing to do on other people's/company's forums. Yes there are times when an alternative may be needed, and a person "needs" to be told about it, but incessantly steering people to other software on another software's forum is rude.

It is not better and solves a different problem. With Bootstrap.build you can export a theme file (not a website, just a theme). This is an alternative to Bootstrap Magic.

The project is open source and can run locally https://github.com/olegberman/bootstrap.build

My apologies if this is against the rules of this forum to promote tools for Bootstrap devs. I will delete my posts if required. I just thought this would be a valuable addition to the collection in the first post.

Thank you very much for your post berman. I think it is a great add to the conversation and community. Your FREE online application is very nice and easy to use. I think the interface is perfect and it is exactly what I was looking for. I'd hate to see you delete your posts as they are exactly what I was personally looking for when I initially asked the question. Sure, the online dependency is a slight drag for my offline development time, but I can easily manage to be online when I am building a theme.

Also, to throw my thoughts in here, I'd like to think the devs of Bootstrap Studio (BSS) want us, the users, to work together to build a positive and helpful community around their product. I'd like to also point out that they have already replied to this and explained that while they would be adding more theme customization features, they would not be adding anything like the tools I initially linked to; which were theme builders - something vastly different from BSS altogether. While different, it should be noted that in the name of Rapid Application Development (RAD), it only makes sense that we'd want the tools to make things as smooth as possible. I doubt the devs here consider their paying users to be acting rude or tacky by helping each other with supplemental (and free) tools. Clearly, your tool cannot and will not replace BSS.

Having said that, I think someone really does need to start monitoring this forum more in order to set better rules in place (in case they don't want us sharing these sort of links). It would also be great to have admins and moderators help keep people from being negative and prevent members from attacking other members for trying to be helpful.

Thanks again for your post and theme tool!