A few ideas after using Bootstrap Studio

Here is a list of features I would love to see in Bootstrap Studio:

  1. Double click on a parameter value to reset it: Say I just changed the padding of an element but I am not happy with it, double click on the parameter value to bring it back to 0.
  2. Better view on the overview tab (bottom left): Currently, it is not that clear what's going on and what element is under each element. Adding vertical lines can be cool and save that extra-look you take on that tab to understand where you are currently at.
  3. Must crucial (in my honest opinion): Allow resizing and moving elements freely. I understand that you need to know how to write CSS to achieve your goal when it comes to resizing to transforming an element with this app, but other apps that I saw, allow you to do it and it is very handy and time-saving. When resizing, show the grid behind so it will "stick" to the grid columns and keep you on it.

Other than that, BSS Studio is a great app! love using it.

  1. Ctrl Z reverts the last change.
  2. Been requested and discussed already. Not sure where the devs are with it.
  3. It sounds like you're seeking absolute sizing and positioning within the the flexbox. This is sort of counter-intuitive to the nature of responsive design and flexbox. You can certainly absolutely position and size elements through CSS, but this is probably not best practice in design. The few modern, responsive website builders I've seen that allow this produce absolutely horrible code (Wix, Adobe Muse.)
  1. Printninja answered that one, simple undo works great for that.
  2. That's what labels are for, you can right click any element or use the middle mouse button click to open the label window and name your elements how you want them so you know what is what.
  3. I agree with Printninja, it works well as it is right now and works as it should. There is no absolute sizing needed for actual elements due to the flex system built in.