A few suggestions for the platform

First of all, I think it’s important to mention that I’m super happy with Reflow so far. My big thanks to Martin (and everyone else working on Reflow) for implementing Klarna through Stripe within 24 hours of submitting the feature suggestion.

But even though I am already very satisfied, I would like to share some suggestions that would make the platform even better in my opinion.

  • Customer accounts (?), as far as known, you can log in with some third parties such as Google, but you cannot register an account yourself using an email/password combination. It would be important that customers can also do something with this, such as review orders and their status, submit a return request (that a shop owner can set this and it comes in via the dashboard or the email?) and the possibility to edit profile data , download or remove it completely (GDPR)

  • HTML support for the emails, when you change the status of an order you have the option to change the text in the email; super! But it would be nice if we could apply HTML formatting to add a hyperlink to the track and trace, for example.

  • As suggested before, a general domain for sending email. I have observed that the webshop name is used for emails, but the domain from which it is sent is called Reflow, perhaps this could be more general so that visitors can no longer find out which software you use for your webshop. Maybe something for the pro subscription.

EDITED ON 11-03-2023: Most important of everything should be the fact that customers are currently forced to checkout once they click on their preferred payment method. Customers should receive a button for it or an additional text saying “Confirm my order and pay” or something similar. Must say this is mostly important for European store owners as the EU law is quite complicated and some countries require you to do this, else a customer has the right to return their product until 1 year after purchase etc.

There are of course an endless number of features that could ‘possibly’ be implemented, but for me personally these would really be a priority.


Thank you for the feedback! I am happy to share that some of these are in the works. We will be adding username/password registrations and custom email domains over the next couple of months. Fully customizing the HTML of emails is also an interesting suggestion that we will investigate.


Sounds good! As you may noticed I just made an edit to the original post. Would be cool if you have a look as it’s quite important as mentioned inside the post.

I think to keep with the passwordless theme instead of email/password, it should be email/phone but phone requires your own API key ( twilio, pusher, etc )

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Haven’t thought about that yet but I must say I agree to you. Mainly see this in existing stores build on Laravel framework but it would be cool yeah. However I would recommend 2FA trough an authentication app or by mail as only SMS wouldn’t be enough in my opinion.

Mail isn’t exactly good considering the costs. Going off an authenticator app and providing SMS for stores with a paying subscription would be better. I do passwordless for everything, but I stay away from it if it’s open source. Makes things a lot easier and saves any hassle.