A few things i noticed when i used bootstrap recently

I recently worked for a client and i recorded pain points experienced using the app, i'm sharing this list here

  1. Ability to edit X, Y, W and H values from directly underneath the layout box, especially X and Y.

  2. Copy styles from the style attribute drop-down. simply add a Copy Look and Feel, Copy Animation option there. it will also make it easier to copy styles directly from themes built in to the software.

  3. Contextual menu or mouse menu on right click events, especially to paste copied html as custom html, create js file and paste into, create css file and paste, a clipboard is a faster alternative too but we need a way to tell what is currently copied.

  4. in the overview panel , add to menu the ability to right click on an item ( like a div) and perform action to either shift up or down, on smaller screens it gets a bit weird trying to click and drag from one dancing folder to the next.

  5. When I change a page name in the design tab. The nav links should reflect the new name.

  6. Direct Git Integration so we can publish to our repo, a script that can achieve the same goal can also be written with a clear tutorial similar to what is achievable with Vertical menus.

these arent really much to fuss about tho, but it would improve the workflow considerably!