A little more info on import of files tooltip :)

Just a minor thing, I hope, but have been wondering if it's possible to give us more information on the import tooltip that pops up when it's finished with importing things. The main information I'd like to see is the number of files overwritten when you have allowed the app to overwrite a lot of files at once.

This would be helpful when you have corrected a couple dozen (or more) images and are importing them so you know that they are "named" the same. We all know how clients name their files with ridiculous names or caps and spaces etc. I rename them, but ... sometimes I rename them in the app and forget to rename it in the files on my computer. This would be a great check to see that all are the same and have been replaced, and that we don't have more images in our files than we need. Basically if they are not named the same, that means I have duplicate files of various sizes or qualities in the BSS image directories which I'd like to avoid. This would help me keep that balance in check.


While we're speaking of tooltips it would be handy to generally have more tooltips overall when mouse hovering over things in the options menu

The import window also needs a "cancel" button. As it is now, if you change your mind about importing an image, you can't not import it.