A website without privacy policy | no saving data | no cookies

Hello, i want to create a Website without privacy policy. So i mean a website that is saving zero data, no cookies etc. Is there a way? im using no google font or goolge maps. And the website is hosted by my self.

Sorry for my bad english im from germany ;-)

Thank you!

Happy New Year!

You question is outside the scope of this forum.

The legal implications and how you use BSS are your responsibility.

Google is probably your best friend in regards to GDPR, etc.

We cannot legally advise you how to proceed.

Sorry about that, and Happy New Year.

Hello. Trank you for your Reply. Im not searching for a legally advise. Just a help from the technical site. It’s just about. How to disable cookies... and more.

Have a great day. If anybody can help me. It would be nice .

It's complicated. The best thing that I know of (not legal advice) is to create and upload your website. Access your site with the browsers and see what infomation is being collected.

If you don't create cookies, or use other services, i.e. Captcha, Analytics, and don't use forms you might be ok. At this point the only purpose of your website is for informational purposes, which is ok = no interaction whatsoever. But, even so, you may still have to provide a GDPR statement on your site.

Privacy, and legal sections of a website have become standard requirements in most cases.

The problem is that even if your site DOESN'T collect information, your hosting provider USUALLY does (collects visitor log information for statistical purposes). In most cases there is always some information being collected, and based solely on an incoming IP you can tell the area (generally) that a visitor is coming from (where they live). This information is almost always collected.

I hope that you're not currently using such a website, because there are some important questions you don't seem to have asked yourself yet -- absolutely vital questions.

Probably nearly all hosting providers, for their own purposes if not yours, automatically collect some information about the visitors to the sites they host. So the first thing you need to do is to clarify and confirm with your anticipated hosting provider what information they're already collecting, and what information they're providing if the website owner wishes to pay for it.

Secondly, and critical to the success of your website, what is the purpose of your website, who would you like your audience to be, how do you know your website is accomplishing its purpose, and how can your website better achieve its purpose. There's a site, in English,. that discusses topics such as these -- and this is just a site I came across recently, and this is not a plug for it: https://ana-santos.com But I'm sure there must be similar sites in German.

Rather than just saying "I don't want to collect any information about my site users" it's more important to ask a question like: "How legitimate are my purposes in collecting information about my site users?" As a site visitor THIS is the question I'd want answered, and then it's up to me what, at this level, it's OK for me to share, and if I think the site owner is legitimate I might be prepared to share even more -- but the full details of the arrangement need to be left up to me.

Thank you for all these Replys!! Have a nice day! Great!