Ability to access full Bootstrap CSS when needed.

Would love it if you would add the ability for us to to see the full bootstrap CSS at times rather than only what is actively clicked on. I've found it cumbersome to work around this by having to access the Bootstrap.css file outside of the program so I can look for things in it that I want to add to my custom css file. Doesn't have to be anything special, just the ability to see and search the full bootstrap CSS code.

An example would be when using Custom Code and how we cannot see the code used in the Styles window. This means if I need to alter something for that code I have to access the Bootstrap.css file externally to find code, edit code, etc. We could then copy from it, send it to other css files etc. like we do with the highlighted context sensitive code now. Being able to see and search the full code inside the app would be so much easier to work with and would bring one more thing into the app that we wouldn't have to do externally to complete our designs.