Ability to add custom javascript scripts to buttom of page

It would be nice if it's possible to add and organize scripts after the body tag.

You can, just create a custom code block and add your script code in there. Place that block below the Body tag in the Overview window and you're all set. Be sure to use Absolute URL's to do this so that the scripts (if any do) will work in the app and the preview browser.

Hope that helps. :)

Can you provide an example of doing this? It doesn't let you drag outside the body AFAIK.

It does if you are in the overview tree on the left. Not in the preview window. I use that for things like "back to top" buttons and have done so for quite some time.

Well I stand corrected, I just check and apparently we cannot do that any longer. I "assumed" my "back to top" scripts were going to outside the body, but I was wrong, they are just at the end of the body. I don't see any other way to do this, tried every way to Sunday and no go.

What did you need it to go outside the Body for? Maybe that would be a more fitting question so that the Devs will have a better idea of why it would be needed.