Ability to disable js file

While working with css and javascript animation sometimes the object on the page (main view in bootstrap studio) are not displayed. They are hidden or in different position before the page loads and when the page is loaded fully the position of the object is changed to its desired position. Working with such object in BSS is quite difficult. For instance I am adding some "Animate on Scroll" css properties, the object on page is faded up while scrolling. This object jumps its position in BSS while trying to select it to edit. It is very difficult to select. Sometimes it is not even displayed. So to avoid this problem, I disable the css file in the design panel, similarly when I try to disable a js file in design panel, I don't see any such option. I think right clicking a js file and disabling it would be an exiting feature.

In the meantime, while you wait to see if they will implement this, you can more easily select components using the Overview pane rather than the visual window.