Ability to edit attributes of the line breaks

When you use the very handy little key combo for adding line breaks (shift+enter) within a paragraph, or it is copied directly from another text file with line breaks in it already and the line breaks are auto added for you then (also a nice little feature if you haven't tried it guys), these line breaks are not editable in any way. That part is fine as far as the HTML since we can take them out easily if needed by using a backspace in the paragraphs, but ...

What if you only want it there temporarily (in other words only for specific screen sizes)? There's no way to add any classes to them at all, they don't have any attribute features so basically they are the same as if I just made my own Custom Code line breaks in that respect. This makes me use the Custom Code ones a lot more often than I'd like to since I could add these in with typing much quicker than having to drag and drop my Custom Code BR block into the space.

So ...

Could we please get the ability to add/remove ID's and Classes to the generated BR that we get with the shift+enter key? I'm hoping this would be a lot easier than having to make them fully editable.<br /> I know this would make my life a whole lot simpler and I could stop using the Custom Code BR block I've been using for years, pretty much completely I think.

This is an interesting idea. I tend to not use line breaks very often, rather I just create a new


p> element. I can't imagine a scenario where I'd want a block of text to be two paragraphs at one screen size, and one paragraph at another, but I guess it could happen.

Well in truth I do use them at times for quick spacing where setting up the CSS to add spacing would be too much hassle. Also, when you're doing things like photos where text wraps around it, using CSS to try to add line spacing to make it wrap nicer is almost impossible, the photo seems to ignore half of it so adding line breaks tends to fix this issue as well.

The problem of course is that usually when it gets down to tablet/phone size it adjusts those paragraphs on it's own and then that extra spacing isn't needed and I have classes already set for hiding extra breaks through out the site and could just use those classes for these then too.

Call it the lazy way to do it, but it works for me and would work so much better if I didn't have to drag my custom made BR block to be able to add classes to them.