Ability to Loop X number of times?

I am wondering, with the Animation setup, (Version 3 and 4 as I'm still using 3 for half my clients) if there's a way to specify how many times a loop should happen if you turn the Loop setting on? There's some animations I want to add to a client's site in version 3 that I'd like to loop say 3 or 4 times just to gain attention and so the animation isn't wasted on the load time and missed. I did check the tutorials, but unfortunately only the basics of the setup are shown there. Thanks for any pointers on this :)

Just create a class and add this to it... .yourClass { animation-iteration-count: 4; }

BSS is using the animate.css library here. https://github.com/daneden/animate.css There is more info available.

(Oh, you won't see the iterations in BSS, but you will see them in the browser preview.)

Awesome thanks so much!