Ability to open multiple pages please

I know it’s been asked for many times and I don’t recall if anything was discussed on it, but there are definitely situations where we really need multiple pages open at the same time for a project. For example, right now I’m in the process of having to move about 70 links from one page to another as the client has decided to expand a list on another pages to include these links (in other words, links to their client’s websites and such will get combined on a page that he has his clients/members listed. Why he wanted them in separate pages to start with … well that’s a whole 'nother story lol.

Anyways, I now have to open the code of one page in a separate editor in order to get to the links and then open the page I will be adding them to in BSS. Would be so much easier to just copy and swap pages within the editor itself.

That’s my current scenario, but I’m sure there are plenty more scenarios that would show that this is needed. This is by far the only app I’ve ever used that doesn’t support it. I do hope it’s something in the works, and hopefully soon.

I think the big obstacle to having multiple pages open is the undo/redo system. It becomes vastly more complicated when you’re doing undo/redo with multiple pages on one site, because the devs have to decide if they’re going to make the undo/redo page specific, or site specific. I know that in Pinegrow, this still does not work correctly. I think if the choice is between having a perfectly functioning unde/redo system, or multiple pages, I’d rather have the perfect undo/redo.

Can you just save the page with links and all to a temp website, and then copy from site to site. Or perhaps make a temporary library component?

Honestly I don’t really see a reason to get something like that in my case and this is a waste of time to me. I’m using dynamic links for all my projects since I’m using vue with bss for the front end and dynamic links or any part of website and overall more advanced frameworks changed my mind and now i cant imagine not using dynamic components or links, it saves alot of time and you can make dynamic links without any advanced knowledge.

Althou i can understand that u guys dont use those and u just make static website instead of web apps and it can be annoying for you to deal with these changes or something. I know cause i had the same problems before i started to use frameworks in bss like vue. As printninja said theres some questionable aspects of implementing it without any issues. This is definitely something what would help other ppl who use bss, but in my case this feature wouldnt change anything and would be literally useless and waste of time to implement it, but its up to devs honestly i don’t mind getting features like this in bss, but they wouldnt be useable in my case since i don’t really need it, but theres definitely a need of getting something like that in bss.