ability to use specific jquery etc. files

I'm not sure how to word all this so I'll do the best I can here. I've recently come up to a very large issue where the jquery.min.js file is concerned since the last updates where you have now given us the ability to export various versions of it (thank you for that). The reason it's an issue is because most of the scripts that I've had created for me by another person (or 2) have been created for an earlier version than what you are allowing to be exported (export at this time does 1.12.4 as the lowest version and of course I need it to be 1.11.3 for my scripts to work). Needless to say this broke pretty much most of my custom scripts for 2 sites.

So I'd like to know if there is a work around for this (other than having to always remember to swap out that file on export which I KNOW I will forget to do at times lol. Is there a way to tell the app to use an imported one instead of the one it is exporting? I see no way around this so any help here would be appreciated for future builds so that scripts don't get broken for people that are not programmers... like me! hahaha. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that the jQuery upgrade has broken your plugins! Maybe we can add the ability to specify a custom jQuery version by pasting a URL from a CDN. With this you will be able to go to cdn.js, find the jQuery release that you need, and paste its URL in the app.

There won't be an option to use a local copy of jQuery in this case. Do you think this will solve the problem you are facing?

Hiya Martin,

I would think that would fix this problem yes. I "do" have the scriptor checking out the scripts for me to see what can be updated as well, but the easier solution of course would be to be able to use the older versions (well, ... easier for "me" hahaha).

Thanks much!