About the folder where images are saved

I can not write English well. I'm sorry. I made an A-folder under Pages under the design tab. I would like to create an Images folder under the A-folder and save the image material. However, I can not save the image material even if I drag and drop it to that images folder. Do I have to put it in the original images folder at the bottom of the design tab?

All images go in the Images location of the Tree on the right. All the files are tree structured by file type rather than by page relationship.

You can mimic the same tree style in Images by creating a folder in Images called A-folder and put those images in there that are associated with that part of the project.

What I do is create a folder inside images called "pages" and inside there I make a folder for each page that I add images to and all the images go in there for that page. I also create a "structure" folder put all the structural images in there that every page has on them such as the Header and Footer, sidebar if you use one, etc. Some clients want specific blocks on all pages, and any images in those blocks would go in the structure folder.

Hope that helps. :)

Thank you for your kindness. That means that all images should be managed in the images folder. If I want to manage the image in a tree structure, I can manage it by creating a tree structure in the image folder. Thank you for your help.

You're quite welcome, have fun with it!