about to try going live!

hi, well i have several pages done, im backing up the original website someone else did, just in case! i have used the export function to create files. so i just delete the old public HTML files and replace with my new ones yeah?

this is very scary!! cheers

Yes, just export and then copy files to domain server job done.

Create a test directory first, that's the best way to test your files to see if everything is working as it should. Gives you a test area so to speak without the risk. Once you know it's all working as intended, then upload it to it's new permanent home. :)

yeah left that too late!!

and now i have this! (do i need to seperate the assets file, or is something missing?)

http://victorianvintagespeedway.com/# Toggle navigation HOME CLUB HISTORY CARS & DRIVERS CALENDAR MERCHANDISE BUY/SWAP CONTACT US First Item Second Item Third Item


Club Meeting 2nd Tuesday each month except January. Next meeting: 13th December Visitors & New members Welcome.

Newport & Braybrook Motorcyle Club Rooms, Time: 8pm sharp Corner of The Avenue & Cullen Street, Spotswood.

Slide Image Slide Image Slide Image Slide Image Slide Image Slide Image Slide Image Slide Image PreviousNext Upcoming Events:

Fri 30th December, F500 series, TQ's & F500's: Hamilton Sat 7th January 2017, TQ's Speedcars, Super Modifieds, Sprintcars: Laang Speedway Sun 15th January, 2017 Ace of Spades: Drouin VCVSC Club President:

Paul Plater Phone: 0418 301 972 Email: paul.plater@bigpond.com Victorian Classic & Vintage Speedway Club Inc. Registered No. A0028564T © 2016

anyone got any idea whats wrong!!

The css files are not loaded to the server.

You can test this by "viewing page source" in browser and clicking the links given for css files.

Checked the first two, but may be more.

Upload those and all should be hunky dory as they say.


My guess is that you just uploaded the index.html file and forgot to upload the assets folder, with all subfolders and files

In your pages you need to change every call that is to an assets call to a root level call

for example

  1. change <link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css">
  2. to <link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap.min.css">

All your stylesheets, scripts and images etc... that are in assets appear to be in the root level


It would probably be better to keep them organized in folders as assets and not all just at the root level though. ;-)

True, I'm just stating that everything is currently at the root level right now on the site.

I also want to point out that all her links are going to "#" so there are no links to subsequent pages.


I just wanted to point that out for @magpie, as it's proper -vs- everything just out in the open in the root. Plus that's how BSS exports (structured), so it's an easy fix to get it back organized correctly and re-upload.

;-) @saj, I have not seen anything you say that would be questionable. The "Valued" tag fits you well, always posting great stuff and nuggets of goodness for everyone. Keep up the great posts.

hi, thanks for the replies, i did have the assets folder up and i still had this, i noticed the asset folder was above the index, so i deleted it ( i believe index should always be first?) then i tried to upload it again and at 1.30am this morning, godaddy finally admitted on chat that the trouble i was having with the FTP ulpoad was at their end, and could i please use file upload instead! so i went to bed! ill try again later! i will also have a look at that root call thing too, i have no idea what that is but ill sort it!

i have to say im so glad i stumbled on this site, you guys are just the best, so quick to help, and dont treat me like a twit! really appreciated,

yeah baby! got the front page up!!! now to do the links to the other pages.

um how do i do that!!! cheers