About using search

I could not run the search form. it’s not calling. How can I run this search on the website.

hiya @aziz1718 and welcome to the forums!

First thing to check is, does the form have all the functionality built into it already? Many times the components are only front end components and do not always include the scripts needed to run them. Check to see if the code to run the search is there or if it’s just a superficial search box that needs to be completed by you.

If it needs you to complete it you will need to right the scripts that will make it function. Unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge of that part of coding so hopefully someone here will, or there may be a fully functional Search bar in the online components ( I haven’t checked for those at all so I don’t know if anyone’s made any ).

Good luck and let us know if the scripts are the issue or if it’s something else.

Thank you. I have no idea. I’m just using features without coding. Respects.

I will use these codes. Thank you. Respects.

See here: Website Search Engine - Create a Search Engine for Your Website
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