Accent marks [fixed in 4.1.0]


I cant use accent marks for text, they appear as "Leer M´as" instead "Leer Más" Can u fix it? :D

Hello and welcome to the forums!

This is a limitation to how we do text editing in Bootstrap Studio at the moment. This part of the app will be rewritten in the next releases. For now you need to use the "Character Input" dialog. You can open it by clicking the "Char Input" button when you edit the text of an element. You can enter text with accents and other special characters there.

Thanks ^^

A year later, any update on this? Messes with me daily.

I have the same problem in OSX. Please fix it soon.


Any expectations on having this fixed?

It would be a great help if "SM" (Service Mark) was added to the Character Input!

Thank you in advance . . .

Almost 2 years! and we still waiting...

Please fix it!