Accessibility Controls Aria etc

I work in higher education. There has always been a need to develop accessibile websites for all. I personally have been using tools that allow me to check while I am developing in BS. It is great that BS has come a long ways since I started using the application. It is my secret weapon in web development. I would like to suggest two things moving forward with the software:

  1. Accessibility tools built into the BS application. The accessibility that is currently there is just the tip of the iceberg. Aria input maybe in the attribute area would be nice. Then I can check my BS preview against accessibility plugin's in the browser (Siteimprove, WAVE, etc), make correction and output the site as a template for my group.
  2. Ability to disable blocks of code in the overview section. Sometimes I just need to disable a block of code (section -> container -> row-> etc.) in the overview area to check to see if the css code from that block is affecting another sections in my code in a negative way. This is also a good way of emulating a "if statement" in programming language.

In higher education is important that web access to all is priority. When we build building, they meet the standards for accessibility by default, websites should not be any different.

This application is great and I could see the potential of it early on. I purchased, not by my department, but out of my own pocket because I need it as part of my web development tool. Thanks!

Disabling blocks of HTML code is not going to disable the associated CSS rules in the stylesheet(s). Inline CSS will not affect other elements on the page. There is already a switch in the CSS view that allows you to disable classes and IDs.