Accordion glitch with adding before and after [fixed in 2.6.1]

I just added an accordion item after one that I had selected each time I click to add before (or after) it's adding 7 accordion items instead of 1. does it no matter if I choose before or after on the menu at the top. I don't recall it doing this before at all, but I could be wrong. Does it consistently each time, and I've opened and closed the project a few times to test it and it still does it.

P.S. The top Menu glitch is still there where it resets or changes to the Text editing menu and won't give you the Show Hide menu and you have to close the project and reopen it again to do this. Doesn't matter what part of the item I click on, it will not do it. Once again it's sporadic, but still there.

Thanks for reporting this!

It is good that this bug happens consistently since it can be reproduced and fixed. But I am not able to trigger it following your description. Can you give me some steps for repeating it like "1) Insert Accordion", "2. Select First Item" etc. It will help a lot.

Well it seems it was something on my end? not sure what would cause that, but I do get a lot of weird little glitches here and there with BSS that it locks up, slows down, gets goofy and looks all weird and I have to restart the app. In this case I did restart the app, but apparently restarting my computer fixed it? I do that almost every night, but sometimes I'll leave it on a couple days (not like it's weeks like some people do lol) and I usually don't have many issues with things other than BSS.

I am starting to wonder if maybe I'm running something else that is conflicting with it like when I was using the Copy/Paste app that was giving me issues. I haven't used that since lol, but I sure want to!

Anyways, it's not doing this now, but I'll let you know if it starts doing it again. Hopefully it won't be like the ever elusive issue with the Show/Hide for tabs and accordions has been lol. At least I know I'm not the only one having "that" issue! hahaha. Thanks!

We fixed a number of issues with the Toolbars (including that difficult to track bug with Toolbars not going away). It is possible that the problem you've observed is also solved. The bugfix will be released early next week as part of version 2.6.1.