Accordion on old iPads

I notice that the accordion component in BSS doesn’t work on older ipads. Can anything be done about this?

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I have no iPad to check this on, but I’m sure that in order for the devs to look into this, they are going to want to know the version of iPad, the O.S., which version of Bootstrap, and which version of Bootstrap Studio you are running, so you should probably add all this information and put it in a bug report.

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Sorry, I thought it might be a common and known issue. I use an old iPad for design control of websites we develop. It’s an iPad2 | OS version 9.3.5
The problem is that the BSS accordions will open in modern browsers, but not in older browsers.

This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it’s entirely possible that older versions of Safari did not support certain features in certain versions of Bootstrap. Bootstrap Studio sticks pretty closely to the official Bootstrap releases. You might find this website to be of some help.

A quick bit of googling shows it is an issue with bootstrap, not bootstrap studio. Try adding an href that will match the data-bs-target (i think it was just data-target in bs4 - EDIT: actually just looked bss adds the href in bs4 anyway)

something like this:

thank you for this info!