Activate / De-activate a Jumbotron

Hello, Is there a possibility to activate / de-activate a Jumbotron belonging to a DIV for the export? Reason for this is the following: Originally, I did include into the design a Jumbotron which shows special announcements. However, I do not always have special announcements and, therefore, would like to activate / de-activate the DIV containing the Jumbotron whenever needed. As the Jumbotron has a bit of css, I would like to "keep" it. Any ideas how this can be done? Thanks! Holger

Hiya Sprungstern,

You can easily do this by setting the div or container div that it's in to hidden status. In the Options window of the app (top right corner) you will see the settings there for whatever you have selected. Select div that you want to hide and scroll to the bottom of that list in the Options pane until you see ACCESSIBILITY and click the little arrow on that. Now click the Hidden checkbox and that item will disappear from view. Rumor is that it still loads (I'm skeptical on that lol, but that's what most say), but it isn't visible at all to anyone.

Then when you're ready to have something show, go to that div in the Overview Tree on the bottom left of the app and select it. Now rinse and repeat the above and uncheck the hidden box. Very easy and simple to manage periodical things like advertising and event boxes or anything else that you only want to show periodically, but enough that you don't want to delete it and have to redo it all the time.

Helpful Tip: You can label your elements in the tree structure of the Overview pane with labels. This would help you to name the div so you can find it more easily. Just right click the div on the tree, choose label and put a name in there that you want to see in the grey right side text. Very slick little helper when you have lots of things like I do that come and go on a moments notice and are used way too often to remove them completely.


Great! Thanks! Did not expect that it is that easy.