Add a Shortcut to place compontents into a new one (with class and id)

There is another one =), so lets to user-route

E.g. Place two spans into a new div with classes “simple element” and id “unique”

  1. Select two spans,
  2. hit " Shift + D " for div
  3. In popup user type #unique.simple.element and Hit Enter

Theese two spans were moved to this new div that is now in active selection

In more technical words…

  1. User select 2+ components
  2. Hit shortcut
  3. Popup shows up with 1 focused field to write class and id < emmet like >
  4. User hit Enter to finish, or write some #id.class.another-class and hit Enter to finish
    The created element is focused after it’s creation

Hope beeing helpful