Add an option to disable in addition to delete from the Styles Cleanup

When you go the Design Panel (lower right) and right click the Styles > Cleanup, BSS looks for unused CSS. In some cases, it will report certain CSS rules as being Unused when they are in fact, used (for example, @keyframes, and classes that are inside scripts.)

Most knowledgeable developers know to use this feature with caution, and are aware of which of the “Unused” CSS reported really needs to be kept, but it would be convenient it there was a second button in addition to to Delete that allowed you to Disable the checked styles.

This way, in certain instances, if one is not absolutely sure, they can disable the style(s) and see if it causes a problem, without actually deleting it.


Thank you for the suggestion! This is a good idea, indeed. We will add the option to disable blocks from the Cleanup dialog in one of our next releases.