Add chatbot to portfolio?

Hey guys,

I've recently published my portfolio via bootstrap studio but i was wondering if it is possible to insert a chatbot? If so can someone provide me with a link to the code/tutorial.

( link to my portfolio if anyone wants to check it out

Thanks in advance.

There is no chatbot component in Bootstrap Studio, so you would need to find a third party solution. I would start by going to Google and searching for something like "how can I add a chatbot to my website?"

This is a user forum for getting help with using the Bootstrap Studio software, not a place to seek general website development, coding, etc..

Hey @Huncho1

Another user @kuligaposten gave a good recommendation recently: It's really easy to install, you just set up an account on their website (there is a free option) and add their code to your website head content. I did a quick test on a client's website and it seems to work well.