Add CSS options to change Div position and left right top bottom values

Being able to change a div position (fixed, relative, absolute, ...) and the top bottom left right values is very useful for Web app development. Any chance to see this happen?

Are you kidding me man ? You can't type that in css file for real ? lol

I'm with Dicky on this, I really don't think this would save all that much time for very many people

... but ... there is something you can do to make it easier.

  • Create a master.css file and add your class in there with all the base attributes you want it to have.
  • Turn off that Master CSS file so it's not used.
  • Duplicate classes from the Master CSS file directly to your working CSS file and turn that new class on if it's still off.
  • Change the name (or append to it) and update the values you need.

Creating a Master CSS file helps you find your reusable classes easier. Just as simple as having to choose a CSS file in the Options pane and adding all your settings in there and giving the class a name etc.