Add editable ID tag for most commponents!

As is known, to add interactivity to component you can create the event handler in JS for this component referring to it by its name or, best of all, by ID. Unfortunately, in the BS there is no capability to assign the ID tag to component and it very limits application functionality. Even buttons don't have this tag! ((( I think it will be very useful to add an editable field ID in the Options panel for most components, including the div (similar to <name> tag). It would greatly expand the effectiveness and user-friendliness of application. Thanks

Have you looked under attributes as that's where I add my own Ids to components

Oh, thanks, Chris, once again! The interface of BS is a bit unusual, so I do not found at once what I need -(

I agree that a more in depth user guide section on site may help.

Glad I could be of assistance ?