Add: Global Compontents (Footers, Menus, Nav Bars)

Pretty basic request, please allow for Global headers.

In this way, I don't have to go back and fix 15 pages again and again. I am currently using components, but I have to even replace my user components.

I hope I understand it right...

You don't want to write 15* your footer and your menue... Well... thats already in.

I make my own page for menue, footer and header, an other parts an name them "x_menue.html", "x_header.html", ... they are all in 1 container. So right-click - copy

go to the other page, eg. index.html and right-click "paste linked" so make 15* "paste linked" and you have something like an global menue

The only little thing is: the menue. At the very end of designing my pages I make the menue local, because the "active" option will be the same on every page wihile linked. Maybe thats an other thing on the "to-do-list" for more comfort


Thank you so much!

Yes, in order to the active menu, you will need some sort of logic. Either PHP / .NET, or as you are doing with a custom menu.

You rock!