Add language settings per page and use on page filename

Most web servers allow serving language specific pages by using a simple naming scheme like index.hmtl.en, etc. right out of the box.

Problem: BSS currently doesn't allow editing the extension of page filenames, it's hard coded to .html


  1. Allow editing the extension
  2. Add a language extension property to a page, which gets added to the filename on export

Thank you for the suggestion! We need to be selective with the features we add to keep the application focused. This is a very specific use case, and I think it would be best to handle it with an export script. You could name your files xxx-en.html, xxx-de.html inside the app, and have the script rename these to xxx.html.en etc. If you are on macOS or Linux, it can be done with a shell script like this:

find $1 -type f -exec rename 's/-en.html/.html.en/' '{}' \;
# copy the above line for all languages you support

Bootstrap Studio passes the export path as the first argument ($1) when it calls your script. This was taken from here.

It can be done via export script, no problem. On the other hand, I think that multi-language support is a fundamental feature these days. However, most tools never care about it and hence are all equal bad... So, it's a good feature to have a USP in BSS.

Robert, I'm in the process of integrating Angular Translate into my BSS prototypes. I will have to load internationalized content via js because I can't save a json asset into the project. I may serve the content from an API server anyway but a multi language app within BSS is very possible

Note to OSX users: The "rename" command is not standard and not installed by default. It's a Perl script and you can find it here: