Add Links to Settings Dialog... and other features

Hey there! Great product so far; love using it. The one thing I am missing though is the ability to add my own link tags. If you could add this in the settings dialog and in the page properties dialog - just like the meta tag tab - it would be awesome.

That would allow us to add all the favicons for the web and mobile devices that we want or need. With this, you should consider the option of us including other files like the manifest.json and the browserconfig.xml into our projects to make the export more complete. These features would take me to the next level of getting a complete site ready to go live from your application.

Lastly, you should consider options to easily add a piece of code to the end of all pages. This would be very helpful for someone who wants to add Google Analytics to their site.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

You can easily add google analytics by creating a js file and using the code that google provide.

True; though the analytics thing was more of an afterthought anyway. The thing I REALLY need is the link tag stuff.

But thanks for the suggestion on that; not sure why I didn't think of it. :)

+1 for darksnake747's idea