Add Native Support For Tabulator

Tabulator is an open-source table/grid control that contains numerous features such as Filtering, Sorting, calls to AJAX web services, JSON support, exporting of data, etc.

A full product description along with samples can be found here: Tabulator Home Page

It would be extremely useful to have this component as a native control for those of us using BootStrap Studio for data-oriented projects.

Thank you for your consideration!


You can easily add almost any third-party js utilities to BSS

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the devs to start adding specifics libraries on request. There are thousands of them out there that are useful, but the UI would become massively overcrowded if they added every js library someone has requested on the forums.

Personally, I'd much rather see multi-monitor support, which would make using third-party programs in concert with BSS that much easier.

@Printninja even though your statement holds some truth, the developers have added widgets such as Google Maps and Chart.js. It would be great if they would add some items such as Tabulator and a Report component. Adding features like these would make the product more well rounded and attractive to new prospects for BSS.

I agree multi-monitor support would be great! I hope though that you can see some value in my ideas and that expanding the platform to be more data-driven or at least support components that are such as Chart.js which they already do, brings productivity to the IDE.


More out of curiosity but are you able to link tabulator data to chart.js ?