Adjust carracell preview and next buttons, and the caption sections

Hi there,

I have a carocell, I want to have both the preview and next buttons down the bottom right of the page. I have managed to reduce them to 20x20px in size but both float top at mo. I have created css for each... how can i position them around correctly..

Also I want the caprion to be full half carocell, on the left

please advice thanks, its pro something obvious csswise

I would assume you are using the BSS4 app.

With not using your sizing etc.., just a fresh carousel using Bootstrap 4 beta 2 setup.

From what I can gather from your description you can do something like this CSS wise.

.carousel-control-next, .carousel-control-prev {

.carousel-control-prev {

.carousel-caption {

And then on each carousel items captions, select the caption in the Overview pane (bottom left) and then in the Option pane (top right) click the Gear Icon then click to expand the FLEXBOX menu then set the following.

  1. set Flex Container to Flex
  2. set Direction to Column
  3. set Justify Content to Center

Try it out as a new project in BSS4 to see if it's what you were wanting. If it's not what you were wanting then at least you can see what I did to get it to be like that though and then maybe you can get an idea on what you might need to do for what it is that you wanted done.