Advanced code setting in PWA Settings

It would be nice to have an advanced code box in the Progressive Web App Settings, so for example to add shortcuts/description/screenshots etc at the end of the manifest.json file.

This is needed more now we have the sftp, as it overwrites the json file on publish.

Also on the subject of sftp, if I change something like minify html in the export settings, it carries across to the sftp, but selecting “use a cdn for libraries” always goes to the local assets/bootstrap/css etc. not the cdn

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Thank you for the suggestion! The PWA settings are a simplified tool for generating a manifest. We try to make it as functional as we can, but since the standard is updated frequently some features are likely to be missing.

As an advanced user you have an easy work around though. You can add a manifest JSON file to the JavaScript group, and include a meta tag like <link rel="manifest" href="/assets/js/mymanifest.json">. You will then have full control over the code.

Thanks @martin, I will give it a go, I was trying to get the service workers js running via bss but no luck (yet)



Thank you @kuligaposten I will take a look, it looks like it was on the lines I was going for - changing/adding the scope

Hello friend, did you manage to do it? that the PWA works perfectly?