Advanced NavBar - Multi- Dropdown

Hi, i'm testing this block on [][1] , original, without any modify.

I'm using Firefox 71.0 64bit and note a BUG.

If browse from PC , multi drop work fine (Product > Dropdown > Dropdown > Dropdown > Action... and more items.) If browse from phone, I have problem and second Dropdown is not visible. Many thanks Luciano

Just playing devil's advocate here, but multiple submenus on mobile is a HORRIBLE user experience, and should be avoided at all costs.

Since that navbar is not a native component, you really cannot say there is a bug here. There are conflicts most likely in your setup or code that is causing it. Default Bootstrap menus do not have more than 1 level deep of drop downs so I would check for conflicts or settings in the navs.

Other that that, I’m with Printninja on this, dual navs is not a good idea for mobile sizes and will confuse your visitors more than help them most likely.

Your javascipt for the click only is applying to the first level of submenu.