After Copying a bsdesign file the export settings are messed up

Use Case:

  1. Create a bedesign and specify an output path
  2. Copy this bsdesign into the same folder and rename it
  3. Open the newly coped bsdesign and change the Export settings, then save
  4. Open the original bsdesign -> The Export settings now automatically math the ones from the copied project
  5. Even if you change the Export Settings in the orig. Project, the ones in the copied bsdesign are getting changed, too Expected behavior: The Export Settings should be specific to the bsdesign

You aren't doing it right.

  1. Open a project you have already created that you want to duplicate.
  2. Click File in top left and choose Save As.
  3. Save the project as a different name.

That's it. Pretty simple. Export settings will remain exactly as they were until you change them. Not a bug, just a different way of doing it. :)

Thank you, I will SAVE AS many copied projects right now :)

hehe you're quite welcome, enjoy!