all my js files are being imported at the bottom, even ones I do not want.

I added some folders and files to the javascript design area. there are folders and files in each folder and some in the root. I put some <script src..../> in the head tags so the js files are need are loaded. However, something is also adding these at the very bottom of the generated page (exported) and it's doing this for every file. So, I had to remove the ones from the head tag, because otherwise they are loaded 2 times.

So: 1) why are they being loaded at the bottom of the generated HTML? 2) why are they loading every single page in the Javascript section?

Hi @JeffM

1. Bootstrap Studio automatically put all Javascript files of the project to the bottom - The reason it is in the bottom, and not the top - Is to make the page load faster. The browser will halt and parse the Javascript when encountered, by placing at the bottom the page will be read faster. You should not include the scripts in <head> unless absolutely necessary.

2. Bootstrap Studio doesn't have an option to include selected Javascript files on pages, all Javascript in project is added to files. Would be nice with an option to select what Javascript to include on what pages.

ok thanks for the info. with my current design (old design being imported) I guess i have to embed something so it knows to ignore unless it's the one page it's for.