It was be nice to click & hold an element in the html section and drag it above or below another elements. Also editing html as if was a text file would be convenient as well.

You can basically do that by dragging elements in the overview panel. Allowing people to drag actual HTML code would introduce way too many possible ways for people to screw up the code.

You can right-click on an element in the Overview and select "convert to HTML" if you really need to edit the code directly. Alternately, you can place an custom code element into the page and add your own HTML.

It's not always easy to adjust HTML code order via overview panel in regards to ordering divs. It's think it's necessary to allow element shifting via HTML text editor. I wasn't insisting on dragging HTML code in that manner. Just being allowed to arrange it like building blocks. Also, I wasn't aware you could convert the element over to HTML and edit it that way. Great feature.

The only time you're going to have issues dragging divs/col/etc. is if it is a locked component which then obviously you won't be able to drag anything around in.

It's as simple as pie to rearrange your HTML components in the Overview pane and much less hassle as well. More control, more accuracy etc. Click the item in your HTML pane and it will highlight it in the Overview pane so you can find it. Pretty easy to do. No need for HTML dragging of code (editing content, yes, that I would still love to see in the HTML pane)