Allow html pages/directories to be marked "hidden"

Same as the Overview setup, but within the Design pane. I have a handful of clients that love to remove the use of pages temporarily (ya it's a pain lol) and later bring it back. Because of this I don't want to delete these pages and have to redo them later so I put them in a directory and name it Unused.<br /> Would be great to be able to mark that Directory as hidden or some way not to be included. I know I asked for this once before, but I couldn't find the post sorry.

This is getting more tedious for me every day. I have to constantly edit sitemaps that BSS generates to accommodate removing those pages/directories from it. Would just be nice to have the export system know that those pages are not part of the project's active pages. NOTE: The pages would still need to be accessible of course to get info from them, reactivate them etc. Just not considered active for the project itself.

Thanks for the idea! I see how this is going to be useful. We will add this in one of our upcoming releases.

Awesome, thanks much!


Any update on this? I like to have this feature too, but I don't see any option...


Yes, I would like this feature as well. +1