Alt+A selects all

Hi The shortcut ALT+A selects all - same as CTRL+A - but ALT+A is needed to enter special character which is "Ą". Since it is impossible to edit shortcuts. I think that ALT+A should not "select all". It is rather frustrating while writing copy and all work gets deleted accidentally when pressed alt+a for "ą" and selected all text and replaced instead.

Regards, Mac

Thanks for reporting this! Which part of the app is this about? When editing the text of elements? For complex characters, the recommended way is to use the Char Input dialog (you can activate it from the Char Input button when writing text).


This is for every text in the editor. The problem doesn't occur while editing code in code editor. I use other combinations as well like alt+s, alt+e, alt+o, alt+x, alt+z, alt+c (we are talking about right ALT - not the left) - all work well except for alt+a which selects all - it's duplicating a function of ctrl+a. Since it is pretty common character to use, using a char input button can be a bit inconvenient :)

Regards, Mac