I am using AmazingSlider and tried to add it to my design but it doesnt work can anyone help me i add all css and java still not working i tried it at dreamweaver it is working but in here not :/

and i like to ask about one more think too how i can create 1 page website that slide to topic when you click About Us button and website slides to there.

Thank you =)

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Hi Ali,

  1. Slider:

    -- Make sure you have all the libraries required for the slider

    -- in bootstrap studio drop say a container or a div (which ever should be fine) in bootstrap

    -- convert it (container or div) to html in bootstrap so you can mutilate the code

    -- copy and paste the slider code verbatim into bootstrap

    -- add the required files and libraries to bootstrap studio

  2. Smooth page scroll:

    -- get a copy of the jquery easing plugin library

    -- then drop in this code:

    $(function() { $('').bind('click', function(event) { var $anchor = $(this); $('html, body').stop().animate({ scrollTop: $($anchor.attr('href')).offset().top }, 1500, 'easeInOutExpo'); event.preventDefault(); }); });

    -- please note: you add the class page-scroll to any nav element you wish to use, but you could also change the $('') page to capture any class or id on your page.

<h3>Hope it helps!</h3>

I still got the same issue can't fix it.

Amazing Slider

2) for smoothscroll i use so all you need is to just link to ,add to you user.js the initialization (in this example i also initialize AOS - animate on scroll):

/* this part to init AOS and smoothScroll functions */
$(function() {  /* this is the jQuery equivalent of documents.ready */
      disable: 'mobile'

and you've done. Now you can simply add "data-scroll" to your internal #link. To do that you have to add a class with name "data-scroll" and no value in the Attribute pane.

Thank you Marco, work like a charm !