An error occured while validating your license. Please try again


I am Mac user and just purchased the Standard package. When starting the installing process and after provide the license key, I received the error: "An error occured while validating your license. Please try again" After that, the loading screen seems to be forever.

I have renamed the folder to ..backup and reinstall but unsuccessfully.

Please contact support for issues with the software as most of us here are just users. Contacting support directly will get your issues addressed much quicker. Good Luck!

Exactly same situation, except that I have a lifetime license.

Did you ever solve it?

EDIT: This is strange. I uninstalled and reinstalled the application. It started immediately without asking for license key. Additionally, "Manage Devices" dialog is correctly showing it as active on the current machine. I suspect that this will go wrong again.

Hope it stays that way, but if not, refer to the answer right before your post. There's nothing more you can get help with on the forums for software issues.

Been suffering the same problem now for weeks and frankly it's becoming very tedious. I have a lifetime license but if this isn't going to get fixed soon I'm going to have to give up on Bootstrap Studio altogether. Tonight I uninstalled 5.0.3 and replaced with a fresh 5.1.0 which started without asking for the license key. Just gone back to it and on start up it's asking for the license key again. After inputting it it errors out when failing to connect to the server and I go round and round in ever decreasing circles until I give up. I know you can rename "bstudio" and reinstall but that doesn't fix it. It's a temporary fix and it forgets all your templates.

Have you contacted support? Refer to the first answer in this thread. Venting in here will get no results for this issue.

You likely have Bootstrap Studio 4 installed on your system alongside Bootstrap Studio 5, and your shortcut is starting the old version. You can remove the shortcut and make a new one that points to the new release, this will resolve the problem.