An Idea for Multi-Select Implementation

Recently I saw an article about why using multi-select is very difficult. I thought about it, and here is my thoughts on how it could be implemented.

  • If more than one component are selected, disable the html section, as well as the styles section temporarily
  • If more than one component are selected, it will show the id of the first item selected, and editing will update all to the new id (might be useful if someone wants to set the ID's for items to something like display1, display2, display3.
  • If the same component is selected, in the Options section, show the settings of the first item are shown, updating them will update the specific setting for all items selected.
  • When multiple items are selected, the styles are shown for the first item selected, and when a new style is added, they are applied to all items, and removing a stile removes it from all sections.

I really hope this is something that can be implemented into BSS. I really would appreciate it, and I'm sure plenty of others would as well.

I just saw this! There already is a multi-select feature in BSS. But its not great, and you need to hold CTRL to select multiple items. I've been trying out some open source jquery multiselectors, but they all seem to crash with BSS. Sometimes the CSS don't show correctly and sometimes they just straight up don't work as intended. Although I would like an improvement to the multi-select.

I personally don't see anything wrong with how the multi select works. The only difference between BSS's multi select and most computer's multi select is that you need to click the CTRL/Command key first rather than after you select something. I don't find that "not great" or all that much difference really. Once you realize that's how it works it's really no slower or worse/better than any other app's multi select. Just sayin' :)

And yes, it's been in the app for quite some time now, but that post you replied to is from June ... may have been around that time that it was added, don't remember.