An option to preview on port 80

In order to make it easier to preview on wireless devices, I would greatly appreciate the option to preview on port 80 where I can create a bookmark that always works. When I type in on my android, Chrome tries to return a search result.

My options are to send myself an email or create a "Memo" and then click on it. Any other work-around suggestions welcome.

port 80 could already be bound, and using linux it's not possible (IIRC) to use lower ports as a normal user, not root.

Yes, @marrco is correct. Port 80 is special and can only be bound to by root on Unix. It is likely that it is also protected on Windows. This means that we can't run the preview on it, unfortunately.

We are developing a feature right now that will allow you to choose a fixed port on which run the preview. This will make it easier to open the preview on mobile devices, as the URL will always be the same.