Animation Triggers in Carousel when Slide Reached

Is there any way to make animations trigger when the carousel slide is reached?

For example, there are two slides. Both have captions enabled. The captions in both have animations. The caption on slide one is triggered when I scroll down to it, but the animation on slide two is already played because I scrolled down to the carousel. Is there any way for the animation on slide two to play when I reach the slide?

What seems to have worked in my test was the following.

I created a new design. Added 2 jumbotrons for scroll spacing, added carousel. I enabled captions on slide 1,2. I set the animation of slide 1 caption to Scroll etc.. I set slide 2 caption to Load.

When I refresh the page and slide down to the carousel I get the Scroll animation then when slide 2 slides in I get slide 2's Load animation. I think that's the trick to this. Unfortunately, the Scroll options are not the same ones available to the Load options in the app. And I've not had any luck manually trying to get a Scroll option to work with the Load method.