animations breaking my webpage

hi i've built a website and now i've added animations which i thought worked ok but testing on live server today it seems that the animations are breaking my webpage layout causing a width scroll to appear! i'm not against just getting rid of the animation or animations that are causing the issue, i think its the image animations that doing it, it slides in from the right, it seems that its causing the page to also expand to the right

can this be fixed or should i just scrape the animation

Hi There, I just wanted to see if anyone could help me out loading the AOS in a Wordpress install. I have checked the links are correct. Console is not picking up errors. I have also called a aos init function locally. No luck so far. I have noticed that if i run the site statically on my vagrant setup all is well. This must then be a Wordpress specific issue.

Any Ideas?



This is not a Wordpress forum Jeff, you may have better luck going to the Wordpress website and/or forums and requesting assistance there.