AOS version

Please update the AOS V2 to AOS@next V3.

It will add the ability to use "mirror" so scroll animations can be activated on up or down when entering veiwport. Should be backwards compatible with current AOS animation controls for scroll.

the including option panel supporting AOS v2 is enough for easy animations. If you need more sophisticated effects or greater control you already have to manually link to the CDN version and set the parameters yourself. That's what I do anyway, for all the cdnjs libraries I use.

Switching to a different version can break the existing design. There are often differences and incompatibilities between mayor version, plus I don't like the idea that when I open an existing project automatic changes happen. That's a big no for me. I have published static websites where sometimes there's a small change that has to be done. I don't expect the newly exported version to use different libraries. So it's not just an 'update'. It's about modifying the AOS options pane, keep supporting both version and offering users an optional upgrade of their design from v2 to v3.

maybe for that specific library it's not a big issue, but in general, it's not a good idea to automatically update scripts with newer versions.

I'm going to have to disagree with marrco in this instance. I would rather have the latest and most advanced version of a plug-in, library, framework, whatever, even if it means having to go back and update aspects of older sites, or that the UI of BSS must be updated.

The web is constantly changing and evolving, and generally this results in more control, flexibility, options and freedom to do things the way we want. Backwards compatibility, if it's possible, makes sense, but as time goes by, older stuff tends to fall by the wayside anyway. For example, there are still thousands of Bootstrap 3 templates on the market, but who wants to use Bootstrap 3 when Bootstrap 4 is so much better? It's unfortunately that all that hard work those template designers put in is going to collect dust, but that's the nature of technology. Always changing, evolving and improving.

I will have to agree with Marcco on this one. Although I do like all the latest and greatest, I don't like it automatically done for me and it should be a per project thing as to whether or not to upgrade it. I have some sites still on Bootstrap 2.3.3 with clients and they are just not ready to update. If things updated automatically it would probably break many sites that weren't ready for those changes yet.

Personally, I have enough work as it is with clients without making me have no choice but to update things for them without their permission, nor my compensation since they aren't asking for it.

Unless the AOS V3 library removes or changes existing stuff in the V2 library (unlikely), updating shouldn't break anything on existing deployments. It would simply add more features, which might necessitate some UI updates in BSS.

One thing I do see, however, looking on github, V3 of AOS is a beta. The last stable release is V2, so adding V3 to BSS at this time would not be prudent.

@Printninja said: I’m going to have to disagree with marrco in this instance. I would rather have the latest and most advanced version of a plug-in, library, framework, whatever, even if it means having to go back and update aspects of older sites, or that the UI of BSS must be updated.

As I told you, when just modifying a text for a customer I'm not going to update (for free) the framework, plugins, etc. Also when working at larger projects I'm not supposed to mess with different parts of the site. But apart from that, we're discussing here BSS plugin support. So I expect that no tool automatically modifies on export my old design.

I do think BSS should allow us greater flexibility (ie. allowing to use an external editor like for CSS so we can sort, beautify, use emmet. Multimonitor support, default all styles to external css etc) but not turn into a very limited interface to a just a few cdnjs plugins. AOS has basic support at the moment, not all the options I regularly set are present. And it's just one of the many useful plugins we use. The latest version introduced a specialized panel for another plugin. I see no reason for that. I think BSS should give an easier interface (Add js and css, initialize plugin in external .js, set options, list/add/remove used cdnjs plugins) or at least publish a video for beginners about how to link and use plugins (smoothscrool.js could be an easy one).

My reasoning is that there's no gain in wasting time and resources to refactor things that already are included in BSS. I was using AOS for a long time before it got that simplified option panel support. And I don't think it's viable or even useful to add option panels for a specific version of hundreds of plugins we can simply link from cdnjs and directly use.

It would simply add more features, which might necessitate some UI updates in BSS.

That's complicating the interface, without offering any additional value. AOS can be linked directly like all other plugins. And already has more option than the few included in that dumbed down panel.

As a pro, I need a tool to speed up my work. I already know what I want to achieve, so my priority is to have emmet and multimonitor support, not a new nice click-thru interface panel for a few more plugins.

BTW, I'm still waiting for the new starter template: with integrity and popper support.


I agree with you. There are hundreds of plug-ins out there, and I constantly see people asking is the devs could add support for "this plug-in" or "that plug-in" to BSS. This is, of course, not feasible. From the perspective of a pro using the program to build sites for clients, I agree. I want a simple interface that has the important things, like the ability to rapidly link to an external cdnjs. But I also recognize that the BSS developers are faced with selling to a wide variety of users, from beginners to pros, and they have to compete against the likes of Webflow, Wix, Weebly and other builders that all offer built-in animation features. Animation is the new darling of the internet, so it's kind of taken a front row position in terms of desirable features.

I'm not suggesting BSS adds complete UI controls for every plug-in that comes down the pike, but in the case of animation, they need to at least stay up to the same level of sophistication as their competitors if they want to match them in terms of features.

@Printninja do you have any idea about how to implement an easier generic interface to add, initialize and use external plugins?

Basic support to animations (including jarallax) is fine. But I sometimes read complaints about the limited set of features, default choices like disabling on mobiles and so on. So that's still a half baked solution.

What I don't like is the trend to dummy down BSS with new panels and more point and click. The newest addition was about charts, that are rarely used. I suppose that smoothscrool or a GDPR plugin like cookieconsent in Europe are more widely used.

Maybe a video lesson plus a better (but I have no idea what a beginner needs) interface to link to an external plugin is all BSS needs. Maybe a few sample sites with .bsdesign available could help too. And of course multimonitor support, emmet, etc.

About non-pro users, I often wonder if those copies are really paid or mostly student getting it for free and then lend it to friends. That said BSS is an excellent tool when used by a real pro, and no dumbed down interface can help create beautiful sites like (Kudos to the developer, using BSS and excellent skills: I spent a few hours to understand most of the tricks used and I enjoyed reading the 2k lines beautified CSS file) . To build a website HTML, CSS, js and bootstrap knowledge is needed.

BSS is so reasonably priced, I cringe to think people are pirating it. :-(

I will have to give some thought to what would be a good interface for linking to cdnjs. And I would LOVE multi-monitor support. Agree I will probably never use charts, but as long as the UI doesn't change until one adds a chart component, I really don't care that they exist.

I don't like the animation or other features being disabled (on mobile or otherwise). It forced me to use an external animation library, as I've done here...

And I really dislike that some components are still locked. I don't see why there can't be a setting in the menu to switch to "expert mode" where all components are unlocked.

Its been almost a year now. Could we please update to gain the additional features ?

Please see my above comments if this update is done and a few others as well. I just don't want this to be something forced on people and I most certainly don't want to have to update for free all my client's sites and as you'll see by the other posts here I'm not alone on this.


I understand the concerns as I have read the other posts. I just have not "seen" or heard of any "real" reliable data on why this update would "break" things. I actually believe I am the one being "forced" to use the older version because it is always the last script added by Bootstrap Studio anytime it sees the data-aos. No way around that. In my own testing, I cannot "break" anything if I just simply change to the newer version after exporting. If someone can "break" it by changing the aos links, then I will move on....

The reason is minor but a nice subtle enhancemant called "mirror" which animates elements when scrolling past them (on exit). Its a nice change up from the usual standard setting of animate in or animate in play once. I think by changing to the newer version there is nothing to "break" because it uses the same data-attributes as the prevous version. And the Devs just needs to add a mirror switch for the element to be on or off.

Okie Doke, I have no problem with it then as long as that's the case. I'm going by what others were stating of it being a possible problem so if it's not, it's all good :)