App crashes in Ubuntu 20.04

Upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and now BootstrapStudion crashes with:

(Bootstrap Studio:199065): Pango-ERROR **: 11:57:30.439: Harfbuzz version too old (1.4.2)

The HarfBuzz version installed is 2.6.4 and I have no idea where it's trying to pull 1.4.2 from unless it's hardcoded in to the app.

Downloaded and reinstalled latest version and the problem is no longer there so please mark this bug report as INVALID

I still have the same problem. Have Bootstrap 4 installed on Ubuntu 20.04. When I try to start it using terminal, get the following: /opt/bootstrapstudio$ ./Bootstrap\ Studio Pango-ERROR **: ##### Harfbuzz version too old (1.4.2)

My Harfbuzz is 2.6.4. Can't download Bootstrap Studio from the website, where do I get the latest version?

Disregard, found email and downloaded 5.2.1 image - works! :)