App Unresponsive

Last night and today i can’t open the app. I’ve followed the reset details. Including

  1. Rename it from bstudio to bstudio_backup

No change. App won’t open.

I didn’t really get the optional step below, does that mean rename bstudio_backup to /userPackages and then put into the newly created bstudio?
2. (Optional) If you wish to preserve your custom components, copy bstudio_backup/userPackages to the bstudio folder. This will transfer your components to the new instance.

Anyway. I’ve rebooted both my laptops which have the app installed, and direct from the .bsdesign. What is my next option, uninstall? I have 3 live websites and these are very important to me not to loose anything. Any advice please.

I have the same issue. I tried all, nothing makes it start.

There was an update in the last few days, could that have caused it i wonder.

It works. Heureka. Re-install is the solution :slight_smile:

Yep that’s worked for me too. Thanks.